[Study] Examining the Role of the CPO

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CPO study outlines priorities for digital transformation in procurement

According to the third annual 2019 CPO Study, the next several years of procurement developments will be a journey of digital transformation that is changing the way business is done on a fundamental level. Produced by WBR Insights, the customer research division of Worldwide Business Research, and in cooperation with Amazon Business, Beeline, Capriza and GEP, this year's report examines the role of the CPO as a catalyst for digital transformation.

The role of the CPO as a strategic business partner has solidified over the past several years, and within mature organizations their mission has evolved into one of the key architects of forward-facing strategy with the goal of unlocking value across the organization. Within this role, the CPO must now assist their organizations in navigating through a global business environment characterized by exciting opportunity as well as rapid change.

In this edition of ProcureCon’s annual CPO study, we will examine data collected from CPOs overseeing the management of over $1 billion in annual spending. The report also includes the direct observations of leaders in the field to create a picture of the moment in time, as well as the next several years as procurement embarks on a journey of digital transformation that is changing the way the world does business on a fundamental level.